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About The Author

Brian Eichhorn graduated from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington with a B.S. in Economics. Credit Repair Made Simple came about after Brian dealt with many customers having financial difficulties while working in the mortgage industry. What he learned is it doesn't matter what your occupation is; financial difficulties can strike anyone. Too many Americans are one paycheck away from bankruptcy. Unless one is properly prepared anyone of us could fall victim. But if the rules of the game are known, any consumer can become a financial powerhouse. This is exactly what Credit Repair Made Simple does.

Credit Education and Money Management are two subjects not taught in school or in most homes. Eichhorn started Cornerstone Credit Counseling in order to counsel individuals who need guidance in budgeting, financial goal setting, and coaching on personal financial situations..


"The tips I learned in Credit Repair Made Simple helped boost my credit score over 60 points."
C. Mateski

"Boy, if I knew then what I know now. Thank you so much."
D. Baker

"I almost entered into a debt repayment program before I read this book. I'm glad I didn't. You were right, I can do the same thing they can do. I thought my creditors wouldn't talk to me since I was so far behind. But, surprisingly, they were cool about it. Thank you."
J. Campo

"My sister had a copy of your book Credit Repair Made Simple. She knew I was having problems getting a loan. After reading your book I realized what the problem was. I had no credit. After using your suggestions, six months later I had a credit card and a savings account and I got the car loan that I couldn't get before."
M. Edwards

"I got a copy of my credit report and couldn't believe all the inquiries. There were local companies that I remember talking to about a loan but I never gave permission to pull my credit. I used your sample letter and got them removed."
A. Canty

"I had a bill that I couldn't pay with my dentist. It was with a collection company for over two years. After reading your book, I contacted the dentist. He agreed to a settlement and he also agreed to have the collection company remove the derogatory remark from my credit report."
P. Coleman

"I never knew that much went into my credit report. I'm careful now with who pulls my credit and who I take out a loan with."
M. Sauls

"I never thought having an account with a finance company would effect my credit score. I'll remember that the next time I need a loan."
D. Cain

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You will never know how much you helped me."
D. Nixon

At Cornerstone Credit Counseling, we appreciate all the testimonials we get. If you would like to share any comments or questions with us please drop us a line. We would like to address any popular issues in our next edition of Credit Repair Made Simple. Also your feedback helps us address other issues in our credit counseling sessions. Coming soon is Everything You wanted to Know About Credit Cards. If you would like to be notified of its release date simply e-mail, call, or write us. Estimated release date is September 2000.

Take control of your credit profile today order Credit Repair Made Simple today and start on the road to rebuilding your credit.

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